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Title: What is SRS and what are its key elements?
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A System Requirements Specification (SRS) or a Software Requirements Specification is a document or set of documents that describe the features of a system or software application. It includes a variety of elements which define the intended functionality required by the stakeholders and customer to satisfy the end users.

In addition to that, an SRS provides a high-level idea of the system and its behavior, the main supported business processes, the assumptions and the key performance parameters for the system. The key elements of an SRS are:
?   Scope of Work
?   Functional Requirements
?   Non-Functional Requirements
?   Dependencies
?   Data Model
?   Assumptions
?   Constraints
?   Acceptance Criteria
Title: Re: What is SRS and what are its key elements?
Post by: 12209252104 on July 18, 2022, 02:30:54 pm
A software requirement system gives a complete description of behaviour of system to the developer. It contains complete description.It includes set of use cases that describe all interactions the workers will have with the software. Reflects the needs of customer.
A SRS consists of Functional and non-functional requirements
Functional :Describe functionality or system services and it depends on type of software and expected workers.
Non-functional requirements
These define the system properties and constraints, ex:- reliability of the system, response time and storage requirements, it is more critical than compared to functional component
SRS consists of
Introduction: Purpose of the project and scope of the project, definitions of the projects, new terms and the references we are using.
Overall description: It covers the product functions, constraints, assumptions and dependencies.
Specific requirements:
External requirements:Database Design,Key features,Validation checks,Validity check,Consistency check,Realism check,Verifiability check,Completeness check
Validation methods:-Requirement reviews,prototyping methods,test case generation.
Before starting a product if you write SRS the product features are clear.