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Title: What is Scope creep and how can you avoid scope creep?
Post by: 12105103006 on October 15, 2021, 12:45:37 pm
Scope creep, or requirement creep is a term that relates to the uncontrolled changes or deviation in the project?s scope within the same resource range for example within same schedule and budget of the project. It?s an indication of poor project management and a viable risk to a project. Some of the possible causes of scope creep are:
?   Poor communication between the project?s stakeholders
?   Improper documentation of the project?s requirements
Scope creep could be avoided by:
?   Clear documentation about the project scope
?   Following proper change management
?   Prior intimation about the effects of the changes to the associated parties
?   Proper documentation of the new requirements in the project log
?   Refrain from Gold Plating which means adding extra features to the existing functionalities