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Business Analyst Concepts Discussion / What documents are a MUST?
« Last post by 1183170103 on June 15, 2018, 03:10:01 pm »
What documents must a BA be prepared to know in the majority of projects?

I'm aware that it is a must to know BRD and FRD, which are then compiled in to the SRS ( correct me if im wrong).

What about ADD/CDD ? and any others
Business Analyst Concepts Discussion / Risk analysis techniques?
« Last post by 1183170103 on June 15, 2018, 03:07:08 pm »
What are some techniques or tools employed to conduct risk analysis (more specifically, to determine risk probability and risk mitigation)
Among the following, which analysis techniques does a BA need to know ( BA, not Sr.BA)
- Enterprise analysis, SWOT analysis, GAP analysis, Root cause analysis, Decision analysis, Strategy analysis, Risk analysys
Business Analyst Concepts Discussion / Role of a BA during Pre project
« Last post by 1183170103 on June 15, 2018, 03:04:39 pm »
What is the role of a BA ( not Sr.Ba) during pre prject?
As opposed to functional requirements which are things that the system must do, Non-functional requirements are conditions under which the system must meet those functional requirements. In other words, they are qualities that a system must have.

E.g. - security requirements, scalability requirements, capacity requirements, availability requirements etc
Pretty much what everyone mentioned before, depending on the situation, you can employ any of these,
Interviews, surveys, questionnaires, workshops, document analysis, focus groups, reverse engineering, brainstorming and many more situational techniques
During dev - Oraganize JADs, clear queries from dev, Update use manuals and RTM, conduct status meetings with tech team and client, Removes roadblocks impeding the dev team, conduct daily stand ups ( if SCRUM)

During testing - Prep or assist in creating test cases, perform testing, prep client for UAT, Updates user manuals & RTM, Get sign off from client on the client project acceptance form
Business Analyst Concepts Discussion / Re: SME
« Last post by 1183170103 on June 15, 2018, 02:23:11 pm »
As per my understanding -

An SME is a subject matter expert. This person usually has extensive working experience in that domain and is usually consulted when coming up with requirements and solutions

A SPOC is the Single point of contact, who basically acts as a bridge between two business units or organizations. On the client's side, an SPOC would have thorough knowledge of organizational goals, business rules and stakeholders.
This is typically my approach ( keeping in mind the step mentioned in the book - i.e., dont model databases, tech, brand names etc)

compile actors and actions into a list. Then, you draw connectors between actors and actions. What you end up with, is a clear visual representation of the relationship between actors and actions. It's really easy after this.

The difficulty lies in identifying the actions and actors without missing anything.
Business Analyst Concepts Discussion / Re: use case actors
« Last post by 1183170103 on June 15, 2018, 02:15:31 pm »
AS per my understanding -

A Primary actor is  one who uses the system to achieve a goal. This could be an end user or an admin or anyone for whom the system was developed.
Secondary actor is one who assists the primary actor in achieving said goal. This can be a person, or a bank, or a printer.
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