Author Topic: 6.Role of BA in change Request?  (Read 181 times)


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6.Role of BA in change Request?
« on: February 14, 2018, 06:58:45 am »
Role of BA in change Request?


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Re: 6.Role of BA in change Request?
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2018, 06:19:44 pm »
BA shall be prepared for the Change Requests and their management. A change request can come anytime during the project life cycle or even after the project has been implemented. Whenever a Change Request comes from the client, the BA will analyze the Change Request. Initially BA performs Feasibility Study to accept Change and then Impact analysis to measure change to project and then Effort estimation to implement the change in project.

Change Management will impact the project scope.

When a BA is working on any Project he has to be ready to expect for a change. The client may raise a Change Request at any stage of the project, it may be at the very initial stage or it may be at the final stage. When a client request for a change, firstly BA has to understand the reason for the change and how the change will impact the project.
Secondly, the BA has to understand the effort required to implement the change. It is very important to analyze the impact on the project. As BA has to evaluate the resources that will be incurred for the change i.e., time, staff, money. BA has to get an Approval or rejection of the change before he can actually implement the Change Request. He has to get the approval from the change manage or the project manager to move further. If the change request is complex then the Developing team will increase the scope of the project drastically, which may also have an increase in resources, time and money. Ba has to validate the impact of the change with the Stakeholders and all the Team members.
Business Analyst has to go through the change request in 3 different stages;
Feasibility Stage: If the change is worth the investment. To accept or reject the change.
Impact Analysis: What are all the changes going to be made to the project.
Effort Estimation: To implement the change in the project.