Author Topic: What is the role of BA in Change request?  (Read 234 times)


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What is the role of BA in Change request?
« on: July 15, 2018, 11:36:06 pm »
Business Analyst must play various roles and responsible for the following:

Gathering & Analysing the business Requirements
Identifying the goals and GAP analysis
Planning, Monitoring and Managing the Projects and Change Requests
Impact and Risk Analysis
Communication management with stakeholders
Conduct regular meetings when needed
Documenting as per industry standards
Solution evaluation
Training the users & UAT assistance.

Letís talk about the role of a business analyst in change request:

Change request depends up on the type/nature of the project and most importantly stake Holder expectations which might allow for a raise in change requests, which should be managed by a business analyst. The client may raise a Change Request at any stage of the project, it may be at the very initial stage or it may be at the final stage.

Once a request for change is raised by a stakeholder, we need to understand the reason for the change and that proposed change will impact on the project

BA should be able to understand the side effects/consequences that change request would leave on the stake holders, processes, policies or systems

If the change determined to provide less benefits with more amount of resources, then that change cannot be implemented.
BA needs to evaluate if the resources such as time, staff, money etc. are providing worth the benefit that the requested change proposed

BA can implement the change proposed by the stake holders only when he/ she receives an approval or rejection from the project Manager
Business analyst and Project Manager ensure whether the change would leave a minor or a major change.
If the change is a major one, then the change should not impact in the delivery date of the project and the project scope

Business analyst performs the below activities that are explained above:

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Re: What is the role of BA in Change request?
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2018, 12:38:04 am »
Every project has change requests that are brought in at some point of the application development.
BA has the role to estimate the impact of the change request made. The following steps are taken by a BA to handle the change requests.
The first step is to understand the reason for the change. This gives way to the next step, which is to
gauge the scope of the change. The impact the change could have on the existing system is to be analyzed using impact analysis. In this stage the business stakeholders are involved in identifying the benefit of the change. So, the change approval team or CCB can estimate the effort required in implementing the change.
The next stage is to determine the scope of incorporating the change. This includes analyzing the impact of the change on technical design, scope of the project, schedules among others. The change request is logged into a change request form that is approved by the CCB.
The next step is to gain approval. This depends on the effort estimate vs benefit and the procedures in place for the project or the standards followed by the organization.
The last step is to communicate the change to the team through documentation notifying the potential pitfalls, issues or bugs, changes in functionality, software, testing data, front-end, user documentation and business processes.
It is important to note that the change request handling style highly depends on the methodology of the project. In case of a waterfall methodology, the sooner the change request comes in, the better. However, a change request may be accepted at a later stage with a much higher cost/time estimate. It is more difficult to implement the change request across the documentation and maintain it to match the latest version without a change tracker. Hence software such as IBM Rational ClearQuest are used to track the changes placed and manage them effectively throughout the application life cycle. It is the responsibility of BA to manage, update, maintain the change trackers.
In case of agile methodologies, the changes are incorporated more easily. The general norm is to capture the required changes that are approved and size-estimated as and when they come in. However, they are implemented as per priority in the following sprints. Requirements are always frozen for any given running sprint and all the other changes might come in as tasks or user stories in the following sprints. It is the job of BA to take care of capturing all the changes and guide the product owner in prioritization.


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Re: What is the role of BA in Change request?
« Reply #2 on: October 24, 2018, 12:56:44 pm »
Agile methodlogy promote sustainable developement trough accepting changes. In agile change is accepted in any phase of development
even in the late phase of development also.requirement are meant for the canbe additon, deletion or alteration of baseline requirement
which is accepted and approved by the technical team and the client.
BA should be very caustious while dealing with change request because it require high level of attention and rigorous followup.
the main chanlenges in handling change request is bringing all stakesholder into an single point agreement, communicate the changes with project team ,
aviod conflict and finally complate the project without any issue.change request is manage through CHANGE CONTROL BOARD.

CHANGE CONTROL BOARD= it is a comitee ,consist of SME,PM,SR.BA,TECHNICAL HEAD AND PROJECT STAKEHOLDER.they will take dcission weather or not that proposed
change to a software shold be implemented.if comitee accept any any change it should be communicate to the project team and clients too.

lets see how change request comes in to picture?
prepare product backlog---> user story-->relesase plan-->sprint backlog-->sprint planning meeting--> develop working software--->sprint review meeting
-->sfit to clint--->clint say ok--->work on next user story/if clinet require changes--->sprint retrospective meeting--->change control board-->
evaluate--->acceptence--> incorporate change-->form new user story.

what BA should do when change request arries?
1. if client is asking for change BA should not accept immediately. before accepting BA should do fesibily study, impact analysis,effort estimation.
fesibily study=possibility of doing project under some constriant like technology,time and budget.
impact analysis=it is a process through which we can measure how the change will impact on the project ,if BA will accept the change request.
effort estimation= it is a process of estimation, resources,cost and time needed if BA will accept the change request.

2.BA should study and understand charecterestic/feature of requirement.
3.BA analyse the requirement weather its a change or defect,that need to communicate to the client.
4.BA document the requirement.
5.asking approval from the pm/sr BA for the change request.
6.SR.BA/PM further review the changes,in terms of complex change or minor change .
7.incase of complex change it will expand duration and cost of the project,need to communicate with the client.if they agree then only change take into cosideration.
8.BA wiil help stake holder to undestand the impact of change on the project and also help to reduces neagative imapct. and continuous followup about change request process.
10.overall making sure that project health is good and delivery on time .


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Re: What is the role of BA in Change request?
« Reply #3 on: January 30, 2019, 02:55:25 pm »
BA understand the reason for change request, understand the impact for change request, understand the effort to implement the change, ensure that change request follows approval process.