Author Topic: What is the requirement elicitation?  (Read 186 times)


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What is the requirement elicitation?
« on: September 12, 2022, 06:26:20 PM »
It is a technique to gather information from stakeholders and users. It involves approaches or strategies to collaborate with clients or users directly.

Some requirement elicitation techniques are-

Document analysis
Workshops and observations


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Re: What is the requirement elicitation?
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2022, 01:43:33 PM »
To understand a project a BA needs the information and details pertaining to the problems beings faced by the stake holders. In an ideal case the stakeholders will know all the details and will give the details to the BA in first hand, however in the real world the multiple stake holder will have multiple outlooks. Thus to gather the requirements for the project becomes difficult so Elicitation techniques are used.
The various elicitation techniques are as follows.
?   Document analysis
?   Interviews
?   Prototyping
?   Brainstorming
?   Workshops and observations
?   Surveys/Questionnaire


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Re: What is the requirement elicitation?
« Reply #2 on: September 15, 2022, 05:39:51 PM »
Elicitation is obtaining information from stakeholders. It can also be described as a requirement gathering.

different techniques used for elicitation are
B- Brainstorming ? Identify attendee, define agenda , invite attendee and discuss the requirements through brainstorming sessions. It can be conducted individually or in group.
D ? Document Analysis ? Check existing documents like software manual, business req. Document, functional req. Document, chain emails, instruction manual, etc to identify the requirements.
R- Reverse Engineering ? use existing software / system to take out existing requirements. Check few common requirements. Based on the same new requirements can be analysed.
F- Focus group - Discussion with qualified stakeholders. Two types of group are there
(i)   Homogenous group ? All participants with same characteristics
(ii)   Heterogeneous group ? Participants with different characteristics

O- Observation ? Observe client?s workplace / workstation, observe process flow and gather the requirements.
                                 Two types - (i) Active Observation ? Interrupt the user to clear the doubts while observation.
                           (ii)Passive Observation ? Keeping yourself mute, just observe the process without interrupting user.

W- Workshop ? Identify the stakeholder. Define agenda, send invite, prepare material, conduct workshop, record the response.
                             Address the open queries. Wrap up and summaries the response. Document all the ideas and get reviewed from stakeholders.
J- Joint Application Development (JAD)- Joint discussion with business stakeholder and project stakeholders.
   Define the process. Conduct joint sessions to research the requirements. Prepare diagrams, graphs, or wireframes.
I-Interview- Face to face interaction with stakeholders for requirement gathering.
P-Prototyping ? Clickable version of wireframes. Wireframe is diagrammatical sketch of GUI.
Q-Questionnaire ? Survey or questionnaire. Giving questionnaire to stakeholders, to identify the requirements.


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Re: What is the requirement elicitation?
« Reply #3 on: October 05, 2022, 02:56:34 PM »
Requirement Workshop can comprise 6-10 or more users/stakeholders, working together to identify requirements. Workshops tend to be a defined duration, rather than outcome and may need to be briefly repeated in order to clarify or obtain further details.

Faster than group interviews for obtaining requirements, particularly for common or system wide requirements.

More preparation is needed. Running or facilitating workshops requires more skill, with possibly an extra IT person recording details / requirements. It can be difficult to get conversation / requirements flowing, particularly at the start of the workshop.   
A Requirements Workshop is a structured way to capture requirements. A workshop may be used to scope, discover, define, prioritize and reach closure on requirements for the target system. Well-run workshops are considered one of the most effective ways to deliver high quality requirements quickly. They promote trust, mutual understanding, and strong communication among the project stakeholders and project team and produce deliverables that structure and guide future analysis.


1. Prepare for the Requirements Workshop

Clarify the stake holder's needs, and the purpose of the workshop.
Identify critical stakeholders who should participate in the workshop.
Define the workshop's agenda.
Determine what means will be used to  document the output of the workshop.
Schedule the sessions
Arrange room logistics and equipment
Send materials in advance to prepare the  attendees and increase productivity at the meeting.
Conduct pre-workshop interviews with attendees

2 Co Conduct/Run the Requirements Workshop
Elicit, analyze and document requirements.
Obtain consensus on conflicting views.
Maintain focus by frequently validating the session's activities with the workshop's stated objectives.

The Facilitator has the responsibility to:
Establish a professional and objective tone for the meeting.
Enforce discipline, structure and ground rules for the meeting.
Introduce the goals and agenda for the meeting.
Manage the meeting and keep the team on track.
Facilitate a process of decision making and build consensus, but avoid participating in the content of the discussion.
Ensure that all stakeholders participate and have their input heard
Ask the right questions, analyse the information being provided at the session by the stakeholders, and follow up with probing questions, if necessary. The scribe?s role is to document the business requirements in the format determined prior to the workshop requirements workshop wrap up done by facilitator

Follow up on any open action items that were recorded at the workshop
Complete the documentation and distribute it to the workshop attendees and the sponsor


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Re: What is the requirement elicitation?
« Reply #4 on: October 06, 2022, 04:38:44 PM »
It is all about obtaining information from stakeholders. In other words, once the business analysis has communicated with stakeholders for understanding their requirements, it can be described as elicitation. It can also be described as a requirement gathering.

Stakeholder Analysis
Document Analysis/Review
Focus Group
Interface Analysis
Joint Application Development (JAD)/ Requirement Workshops