Author Topic: 7.Define Traceability Matrix ?  (Read 1300 times)


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7.Define Traceability Matrix ?
« on: September 14, 2018, 05:25:24 pm »
7.   Define the Traceability Matrix?


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Re: 7.Define Traceability Matrix ?
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2018, 11:37:12 pm »
Requirement traceability matrix is the matrix designed to track the progress of all the requirements for the system in different phases of the software development life cycle. In other words, this document maps the requirement to its corresponding test cases. The purpose of the document is to ensure that all the agreed requirements and functionalities are built into the system. This helps in gauging the test coverage at different points of time in the development.

Steps to write a requirement traceability matrix are 1. Identify a scenario from the business requirement document and lookup the corresponding test case. Note the test case id. 2. Obtain the technical requirement for the case and note the id. 3. Trace back the business requirement ID and note. For each of the feature this should be done. Also note the description, category and sub category for the requirement. Map the completeness for each of the phases as given below.

Bus Req ID   Tech req ID   Test case ID   Name      Category        Design   Code   Unit test   System test   UAT
1                    4                   3                   Login      Basic                Yes   Yes   Yes            Yes                   Yes
2                    6                   6                   Add to cart   Important        Yes   Yes   Yes            Yes                   No
3                    8                   9                   Payment      Very important     Yes   Yes   Yes            No                   No