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.NET concept
« on: January 24, 2022, 02:39:50 pm »
Microsoft .NET technology you will have access to a new generation of
advanced software joining the best of computing and communications in a
revolutionary new way. The effect will be to totally transform the Web and every other
aspect of the computing experience. .NET enables developers, businesses, and
consumers to harness technology on their terms. .NET will allow the creation of truly
distributed Web services that will integrate and collaborate with a range of
complementary services to help customers in ways that today?s dotcoms can only
dream of.
The fundamental idea behind .NET is that the focus is shifting from individual
Web sites or devices connected to the Internet to constellations of computers, devices,
and services that work together to deliver broader, richer solutions. People will have
control over how, when, and what information is delivered to them. Computers,
devices and services will be able to collaborate with each other to provide rich
services, instead of being isolated islands where the user provides the only integration.
Businesses will be able to offer their products and services in a way that lets
customers seamlessly embed them in their own electronic fabric.
Microsoft .NET will make computing and communicating simpler and easier
than ever. It will spawn a new generation of Internet services, and enable tens of
thousands of software developers to create revolutionary online services and
businesses. It will put you back in control, and enable greater control of your privacy,
digital identity, and data. And software is what makes it all possible. However,
Microsoft?s .NET technology will only succeed if others adopt this new standard.