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Re: What is Importance of flow chart
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Importance of Flow chart:

Flow chart is defined as a pictorial representation of an Algorithm (or) program.
This contains the flow of a program by which the user can understand effectively and easily.
It has a basic flow in which it contains the functionality of a product that how it should be functioned and how the software should behave in order to meet its goal.
The flow chart contains sequence of steps by which the user can understand the functionality if the software.

The below listed are some important benefits of a flowchart:

1. Visual Clarity

One of the biggest benefits of a flowchart is the tool's ability to visualize multiple progresses and their sequence into a single document. Stakeholders throughout an organization can easily understand the workflow while finding out which step is unnecessary and which progress should be improved.

2. Instant Communication

Teams can use flow charts to replace meetings. Simply clarifying progresses offers an easy, visual method to help team members instantly understand what they should do step by step.

3. Effective Coordination

For project managers and resource schedulers, the benefits of a flowchart include the ability to sequence events and reduce the potential for overburdening team members. Eliminating the unnecessary steps help to save time and resources.

4. Efficiency Increase

Efficiency increases are a significant benefit of flowcharts. The flowchart lists each step necessary to perform a process. The flowchart helps a designer remove unnecessary steps in a process, as well as errors. The flowchart should only include the steps that are requirements to reach the endpoint of the process.

5. Effective Analysis

With the help of flowchart, problem can be analysed in more effective way. It specifically shows what type of action each step in a process requires. Generally, a rectangle with rounded edges defines the beginning or end of the process, a diamond shape shows the point at which a decision is required, and a square block shows an action taken during the process. A flowchart may also include symbols that show the type of media in which data is stored, such as a rectangle with a curved bottom to show a paper document or a cylinder to symbolize a computer hard drive.

6. Problem Solving

Flowcharts break a problem up into easily definable parts. The defined process displayed by the flowchart demonstrates the method of solving a complex problem. A flowchart reduces the chance that a necessary step for solving a problem will be left out because it appears obvious. In this way, it reduces cost and wastage of time.